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Scope of Work: 

Someone left out any rafter ties, about 50 or 60 years ago.  All things considered, it's held up well, just a little bit of spreading.   Other issues owner has are poor attic access, through a closet we needed to unload, and to get upstairs warm in the winter, downstair is a sauna.  So, new ties, and while at it, sealed and attic access door in the hall, infiltration barrier caulked and foamed air tight, topped with a hefty dose of insulation.  Actually, there is only 4 inches of insulation now, another 12 - 18 inches with the infiltration barrier, might save enough money to pay for all the work in a few years.


Architectural Tasks:  

Site investigation, sketches and short form scope of work for pricing by owner. 

Note: Owner is retired and on fixed income therefore standard architectural representation is not feasible financially.  Due to the nature of the work, follow up will be necessary to stress the advisability of completion of at least the new ties, even though no further services may be requested by owner.  Sometimes, you find yourself in the position where, due to our professional responsibility to protect clients and the public we need to work beyond our brief, and beyond our fees.  However, this does not mean performing full services, due diligence is quite sufficent.

Construction Documents:  Click on files to open.  If they do not open, right click, download to desktop, and open from there.  It's a known MS bug that will never be fixed.

Document Library

DocumentBlocking at rim joistRedundent rafter tie in
DocumentTie beam detail - at rafter endConnection details at eaves for new tie beams
DocumentCornice - Trim and InsulationOverall View of All Work
DocumentWalkway DetailInfiltration barrier, walkway, insulation tie ins
DocumentScope of WorkWritten Scope of Work for Builders



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