Russell Higgins - Architect

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Proven Team Player
     It's easy when you believe
        ALL tasks need be done well

Documentation (Click here)

  • Consistency -  Efficency
  • Bring new staff up to speed
  • Keep staff at speed when working on infreqently performed tasks
  • Documentation needs to be complete - think screeen shots of every step in program / task
  • Authored unsupervised by most jr staffers possible - hence using screen shots

Architecture as a Business   (Click here)


   It is a business.

      It is the business that enables us
          To be the artists, visionaries, sculptors, that we all want to be
An Architectural Business is not just creativity, design and drive 
    Is management being given the same importance as creativigy and design? 
You're ability to work your magic, leave your mark on the built world is directly proportional
    to your firms ability to grow, for which you need a well running and profitable business


   Strengths on Strengths

        Leveraging your work,
           Multiplying your efforts,
              The links between  goals to realities
                  Synergy works in life, as it does between LEED credits and natures endless bio - feedback.
Current Work                        
  • Construction Administration
Pro-active claim prevention
Keeping the contractors honest,
Keeping the right records - efficiently (Click here)  
Turning Mountains into Molehills --  Paper into electrons

My VERY Sustainable, Green twist on "This Old House" -                                         

Bringing  my own old house into the 21st century via energy

efficacy, energy conservation, super insulation, high

efficency - low temperature solar thermal capture

Design updated for the NEW Nuclear Family
Preserving it's age old quirks
50% Energy Savings so far!
  • Imagineering (thanks Walt)

Don't inspect - IMAGINE!

If it's a candidate for "This Old House", leave the

Forget the home inspection - everyone knows it needs work.

Instead whip up everyone's imagination
Does it mesh with everyone's imagination? (Click here)


Bio and Back Story

  • I've managed in to remain continuously employed all but one year. No mean feat in this cyclical industry.
  • I work on my Eco Challenge(s)
    • Making my "This Old House" - in New York 's Catskill Mountains - more Sustainable and Livable, via a total Re - Designing and Deep Energy Retrofit
    • Added the Certificate in Green Building Design from Copper Union to my credits.
    • Cementing my CAD skills in place with the CAD Certificate course from NYU. 
    • LEED V4 accredidation - now that USGBC rolled out the testing schedule at the annual conference.
  • When our industry rebounds, I won't just be the Jack of all Architectural Profession that I am, I'll also be the George Jetson of  the new skills Architects will need to succeed.  (Click here)


ACAD / Revit Skills

  • ACAD - Can do, not a pro, but can do.
  • ACAD - Out produce CAD Jockeys - Yes, can do.  How?  NO REDMARKS!  It takes a decade to get the experience to do CD's, what goes on a drawing, and what not.   With CD's, CAD is the easy part.
  • Revit - theory and some management, no hands on.
  • Why are there so many hand sketches on my website?
  • Fast "One Of" detailing doesn't benefit much from CAD.
  • ALL of done on mass transit, using "lost" time for work.
  • Visual brainstorming is best done with instinctual eye - hand coord / sketches.  CAD Sketch Up, Revit, Maya etc are better at precision and duplication,   Programs are GREAT to refine ideas, to "make them work".    Much like Xerxes had a slave annoyingly whispering "Beware the Greeks" in his ear, we have our favorite CAD program whispering to us ctl r5, line, line, click, click, erase, ctl f4, rad 5,6,180 , line, select, line select, erase...... while we are trying to resolve the clients need for security and transparency and our inspirational flash linking the contextual fabric of the neighborhood with the clients logo.  Really, which should we be concentrating on ?????


Kiva Offer

  • Its a WIN - WIN
  • I get FEEDBACK, and despite the mic disaster at your last seminar, feedback is a GOOD THING!
  • You get to help others who, like you and me, are working harder and smarter to improve the their lives.

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