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Here at the bits and pieces I've gleaned from the internet. 
Eclectic, Dense, Simplistic, Occasionally even pretty to look at.
It's knowledge about how "things work", should get you further than slavishly memorizing and following rules.  Well, theoretically, but you know what Jefferson Davis said about theory. 
Got to admit, a million sustainability consultants following medicore rules will make more green buildings than one who groks it all.
Sustainability / Green Building - Housing  (Click Here) and (Here)

Energy Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Deep Energy Retrofit (DER), Passive Haus, Low Carbon, Net Zero

We need ONE catch all for these!  


Insulation / Super Insulation (Click Here)

Comparison of Foam, Glass Wool, Cellulose, Fiberglass and Spray Foam 

Ground Source Heat Pump (Click Here)

Solar assisted. pond loop, closed pond loop, indirect pond loop, backup heating, carbon creation, source energy efficiency,


Frost Proof Shallow Foundation Information (Click Here)

Easy DIY Energy Conservation and Synergy 


Frost Proof Shallow Foundation Building Energy Modeling (Click Here)

Heat Loss Calculations for your Building Energy Model, Energy Savings, Cost Savings, Payback time.


Passive Solar Energy Information (Click Here)

Solar heating / tempering, solar hot water pre-heating / tempering, Solar Porch, Solar tempered building envelope


Insulation: How Much Is Enough

Quick answers to your insulating questions
Easy Energy Modeling 

Click Here 


Cooper Union Green Building Design

Certificate Program

Cooper Union Green Building Design

Certificate Program


Information Please

Eclectic assortments of information I've run across on the internet
Do it yourself - Theory - Web Sites - Organizations
Click 'em and see what I found....

Sustainability Pays 


How Much Is Enough
Quick answers to your insulation questions
 Easy Energy


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Course Descriptions and Reviews

1 - NYC Energy Code - 2 Days Intensive and Comprehensive

(Click Here)

2 - Solar Energy Design and Construction for Residential and Commercial Projects

(Click Here)

3 - Solar Energy Policy

(Click Here)

4 - Daylighting Design

(Click Here)

5 - Sustainable Design Principles:

An Engineering Perspective

(Click Here)

6 - Green Retrofit:

The Fundamentals of Gut Renovation

(Click Here)


Country House 

Eco - Architecture Test Bed

Location: NYS
Catskill Mountains
Upstate New York

Micro Climate: Extreme

-7000 Heating DD
-limited sun 
-deep in narrow valley.


Energy Conservation
Low Temperature Solar Thermal


Energy Update:

50% Reduction 

(Click here)

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