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This site has changed over time......

Vanity site, Catskills House restoration photo blog, and now....

Everything anyone needs to know about insulation

Especially retrofitting insulation in old buildings.

Coming soon a new cartoon, "So you want to insulate your house?"

It's also about words, ideas, concepts, plans and not much in the way of cool imagery.

While one picture is worth a thouand words, when it's a cute puppy or raging hurrican.

If you're trying to convey technical content, precise information, instructions, pictures don't cut it. 

The Architects Eternal Quest - the next job - the next project in:

  • Sustainable buildings - Sustainable Environments -- Ck out the Green Building section.
  • Building Energy Modeling - eQuest to fast Excel Calcs -- Ck out the Building Energy Modeling section.
  • Buying / Fixing up an Old / Country House -- Ck out the Catskill House section.
  • Bootstrapping your way to your first home  -- Ck out the First Rough Designs section.
  • Flood proofing your home -- Ck out the First Rough Designs section.
  • Interested but you'd prefer the confidence inspired by a large firm. 
I have / am teamed up with (as in worked with lately) several firms
all of whom can provide that level of confidence.
  • Saving Energy - Cutting Your Energy Bills - Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint
  • Super Insulation - Foundation Insulation - Deep Energy Retrofits -
  • Photovoltaics - Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • What is most economical, biggest bang for the buck, 
  • Cash strapped - need to know how to do it yourself ( DIY - What America IS About! )
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Browse the site for DIY  Energy Saving Info, How Tos, and Inspirational "I thought there was a secret to insulating your own home, obviously not, let me get to it" .   Please take a look at the Fair Use Policy for materials on site - Click Here  and comply, I'm happy to help you help yourself, not help you get rich.


About the Architect:
Partner at my last big gig "How do you know so much?"
I've not taken the straight and narrow path
If you're going to try to use the built environment to integrate and mediate between humans, between humanity and nature , you need to know, need to do more than design. 
News:  18 months of mile long walks after work to Cooper Union
and I earned their

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My Summer in the Catskills blurb, Winter in the Catskills to follow.

In short, there's a rustic campsite you can get to by bus (Trailways to Hunter / Tannersville via Woodstock / Phonecia) just ask the driver to drop you off, and ask where is a good place to flag him down on for your return trip.  It the Devils Tombstone Campsite.  Very scenic, lots of trails, quiet, and quite cool in the summer heat.

If you aren't into camping, there's a day or two or three of family fun in the area and a great Inn in Hunter, the Fairlawn Inn (where breakfast can last you all day long).  Down the street is a multi - plex, where you might have your own private theater for the artier showings, eat in / out cafe / deli.  In the area is the longest zip line in North Amercia and a running ski lift all year for the more sedentary  mountain climbers, a huge mini - golf for the kids attached to a driving range for adults, and horses for all.  A bit of regional theater, even a great spa.


What's the big blue marble about.

It's a reminder that everything is connected.

A reminder that if my work is based on that so simple premise,

Then the big blue marble gets better and better.


What we do, design, and build needs to go beyond "solving the problem" or a "great design".  

Aim high and consider it's effect not just on those involved, but  those around, not just the client, but the public, society, cultures, and yes, the planet too.


Yes, your work MUST meed client needs.

Money may force your efforts to just meet a need, ending there (cold but..... true). 

Sometimes though, your client will appreciate knowing options the design allows for in the future.

You might even find appreciation for the carefully crafted details that save future expenses, allow for changes to form and function, design and use.

It can be done.

So go and...

Do It!