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General Portfolio

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Current Work

Construction and Administrative Support 

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Catskills House

Test bed for Sustainability and Green Building 

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Green Building and Sustainability
Theory and Practice

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What's in Your Attic?

(What the GC left out)

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Historic Houses - Feasibility and Imagineering

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Overview (Left)

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Evolution DD-CD

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Sketches - Details

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Project List

1 - NYC Townhouse 

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2 - Alumni Facility

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3 - PA Offices

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4 - NYC SCA Elementrary

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5 - NYC SCA High School

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6 - Scenic Overlook

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7 - SERI
Solar Energy
Research Institute
Golden Colorado
(aka NREL)

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Management Practices

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Improving the practice

Cost Estimating

Office Standards - Manuals


Profit - Loss

Quality Control

    Project Review


    Project Metrics

    Employee Metrics

    Incentives - Rewards