So how is my restoration of the family's old house going along?

I am saving energy and saving money, lots of it.
Here you see how much energy savings remain with effective pay back periods.
You can also see at what point saving energy becomes too expensive.

That is when other aspects of sustainability, solar energy, wind energy, buying green energy, bio-mass generator, shrinking the building, changing occupancy - probably increasing it, terra - forming by cutting trees to increase solar gain, planting trees and vines to decrease solar gain, offsetting carbon use sponsoring an acre of rainforest, the options are endless.

For the quick and easy energy modeling used in these calculations, click here.  If you like it, you can download the spreadsheet!


Below are the files used to determine everything needed to KNOW that you green building will be green, and make the green stuff needed to pay for the sustainability retro fit:   the energy budget, energy use, solar energy available, heating load, pay back time, life cycle costing, degree days, btu conversion for oil and electricity - and why you'll need to do this, and just overall determine the feasibility of your project.

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 - Heat Pump   
   -  Solar Energy
     -  Wind
What do I do now?
I test two options for their economic viability, their pay back rate. Solar hot air collectors, and a ground source heat pump (with an indirect pond loop). Actually, the ground in ground source heat pump is deceiving. The heat many ground source heat pumps are extracting is mostly solar energy. The earths temperature down to 6 feet or so cycles with the average air temperature above, which is a result of solar energy. Deeper, it changes, want to know, email me. Suffice it to say, ground source is NOT geothermal.

Frost Proof

Shallow Foundation

- In An

Old House Rehab


It is saving me the $40,000 or so it would cost to underpin the house, install a foundation and insulate it.  Nor would this have addressed the rim joist, a major source of heat loss.

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