Do You Need Something Designed:



In the email provide as much of the following as you can:


  • What you want
  • Why you want it
  • What it might be replacing
  • Dimensions of what you want
  • Dimensions of where it is going
  • Dimensions of what it might be replacing.
  • PDF sketches of what you want or room / wall / yard
  • Photos (small! under 1 meg, shrink them!)
  • Is it something you want pre-built
  • Something built on site
  • Do it yourself
  • Budget


Contributions and Comments:


To share an idea or comment.

If related to what I've posted and not too big.

Just hit the email link above that is most appropriate. 

If it's interesting, and I like it, which dosen't mean I have to agree with it, I'll post it.

You will be credited, so tell me what you want that to be.

First names, nicknames, only, no real ID's please.

This is to protect your identity.

It's a good thing.