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Your Frost Proof Shallow Foundation
Unfamiliar with frost proof shallow foundation systems (Click Here), Building Energy Modeling (Click Here).
Squint at the slide show and you'll see all the energy and cost calcs.
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That's the problem with carefully considered building energy modeling, heat load calculations, payback and life cycle analysis.  You can turn it into cool looking image bytes.  But you loose the creds the numbers give.

It's great that over the decades frost proof shallow foundation systems are getting more and more press.  What I've yet to see is energy calculations, modules in building energy model software, even rules of thumb.  We know it works by the reduction in energy use, energy savings, lower heating bills, etc..  It would be fantastic to be able to tell clients what the energy savings will be.

I've run heat loss calculations on two scenarios, standard basements and crawlspaces both protected with a frost proof shallow foundation, and unprotected.
As I always do, I then researched and found some studies, starting in the 80's and repeated just a few years ago for basement / slab on grade heat loss.   The most comprehensible was from DOW.  Yes, it proves foam insualation helps, which is no surprise.  It provided some great collaboration of the heat loss calculations I did though.
Armed with the energy savings, I estimated the cost for a frost proof shallow foundation, and a standard basement buried stucco covered insulation retrofit.
Payback times for the frost proof shallow foundation fast, especially for do it yourself 'rs, as short as 2 years and after that, savings of nearly $2,000 to $3,000, increasing every year with the ever increasing cost of energy forever.
A frost proof shallow foundation is also the only way to retrofit a house that you can do yourself, no matter who you are.  If you can go to work, raise a family, play little league, you too can build a frost proof shallow foundation.
Tons of info and everyone taking the time and effort to maintain a website promotoing Green Builidng and Sustainability need to see the hits, need to see the interest! 
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Location: NYS

Catskill Mountains

Upstate New York

 Micro Climate: Extreme

-7000 Heating DD

-limited sun 

-deep in narrow valley.


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30% Reduction 2011-2012 

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