Frost Protected Shallow Foundation System.

(aka Frost Proof Shallow Foundation - are a cup half full / half empty person?)

Slideshows of the various FPSF configurations, foundation and rim joist cladding as part of the FPSF system.  Some were fabbed in the garage, others built in situ.  The jury is out on which is faster and easier, better looking.   My preference has to be for fabbing off site.  Easier on the back.


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Foam Insulatio
Super - Insulation
Nothing is that easy.

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Insulation - 
How Much Is Enough
Quick answers to your insulation questions
Frost Protected Shallow Foundation
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Country House 

Catskills Eco - Energy

Test Bed 

An Ongoing Deep Energy Retrofit Case Study

Location: NYS
Catskill Mountains
Upstate New York

Micro Climate: Extreme

-7000 Heating DD
-limited sun 
-deep in narrow valley.


Energy Conservation
Low Temperature Solar Thermal


Energy Update:

30% Reduction 

       50% !!
5 BTU / SF / DD

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General Portfolio


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Evolution DD-CD

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Sketches - Details

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Project List

1 - NYC Townhouse 

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2 - Alumni Facility

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3 - PA Offices

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4 - NYC SCA Elementrary

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5 - NYC SCA High School

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6 - Scenic Overlook

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Management Practices 

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Improving the practice

Cost Estimating

Office Standards - Manuals


Profit - Loss

Quality Control

    Project Review


    Project Metrics

    Employee Metrics

    Incentives - Rewards