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Tasking and Scheduling


This shouldn't be hard, yet, so often I've heard people leave a meeting, or mutter after a supervisor walks away "you know what to do?, no, do you", "Clear as Mud".

The usual dilimea is that the manager "lacks the time" to think out tasks, even to think what it is they really want.

Yes, there is some efficency and some learning experience in letting jrs flail around then "correct" them, there are better ways.

Tasking can be done in down times.  During commutes (if you drive, dictate), standing on lines using a pack of post its, on the exercise bike, etc..  The first task should always be type these up and give them back to me.  The second, label this and file in the master folder of task lists, so don't have to ever again rewrite it.

Tasking can be short or long, depending on your understanding of the staffers abilities, and what you want.

Here are some task lists I've done.  Some are short, some are long.  As I like to say, it all depends.

The slide show are the first sheets, download the pdf to look at them all.